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Fic: Babylon Fading; Naomi/L; Hard R

Title: Babylon Fading
Author: theladyfeylene
Pairing: Naomi/L
Rating: Hard R
Word Count: 2,609
Warnings: Some talk of murder and violent crimes.
Author's Note: Written for 30_lemons challenge #5 'The Harem, or When in Rome'
Summary: Sometimes, Naomi wonders if this is all worth it. If the irritation and frustration and lack of emotional intimacy is really a fair exchange for what brief, fleeting moments she and L share.

(Babylon Fading)
Good Sex But Better

LxNaomi Icons!

I noticed that this community is slowly dieing. So, I decided to post a few Icons I made. They're not much, and kind of plain. So if you want to use them as a base, and add stuff to them, you're free to!

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