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AMV Tribute; and a Drabble.

I made an AMV Tribute for them a week or so ago ^^U I almost forgot to post it here.

I also have some oneshots and a few drabbles as well. So I figured I should start sharing <3 I'll post them here first, instead of in ff.net; because I need to see if I have to fix something in the grammar or something of the sort ^^U So if you see a mistake, please point it out to me so I can fix it! 

- -
When he chose her out of fifteen candidates to help him with the case, he didn’t quite know things would end up like this—well, that could pretty much be a lie as well. He was smart, way too smart sometimes. He surely did realize the flicker that ran through his body as the tips of his long fingers carefully held up her profile for the first time, the inexplicable anticipation that possessed his body as he told them just who he had selected, as he found out more and more things about her.

He was a logical being, smart beyond his age; a genius even. And he was only interested in logical things, with logical explanations, no petty feelings or flickers going through his fingers as he wrote his first e-mail to her. Because truly, it didn’t have any kind of logic whatsoever, and there was no way he would spent any second of his precious time thinking about them.

So he pushed it all aside, because he had no time to dwell in such confusing matters. He was a detective before being anything else, and justice was above everything in his list of priorities. He really had no time to lose thinking on such petty matters like his confusing and uncalled-for body reaction at holding some lame paper or writing a simple e-mail.

He pushed it all to the depths of his mind, with no intention whatsoever of letting them get out of here any time soon. After all, he had a case to solve.

- -

He clearly remembered the first time he heard her voice.

He wasn’t the best at expressing emotions or wearing them in his sleeve; the people who had had the honor to meet him seemed to think that he was a robot of some sorts—something that never failed to amuse him to no end. But that didn’t mean that he wasn’t good at figuring other’s people’s emotions as easily as if he was reading an open book; this time, he could hear the different and conflicting emotions going through her body as she spoke quietly through the cell phone.

There was resolution, laying clearly and overpowering every other emotion in her voice; she was dead-set on resolving this case and in helping him as much as she possibly could, that much was obvious. There was also excitement, though it could have easily passed as anxiety if someone didn’t pay the enough attention to it; maybe it was a bit of both—excitement of working with him perhaps? And anxiety about the case?. But as clear as those emotions were, he could also detect a lingering one, carefully hiding behind the other emotions trying it’s best to not show up and become noticeable; that emotion was fear, nervousness, doubt. Of what? He didn’t quite know. Maybe she was scared of disappoint him, scared of not being able to live up to his expectations; or maybe she was scared about being killed through the investigation? That last one didn’t seem to be though, so he ruled it out from his list.

What surprised him the most though, hadn’t been the amazing number of emotions the woman was able to go through in barely a few seconds; but the seemingly random thought that went unexpectedly by his mind hours after their contact, while he sat quietly in his chair, knees to his chest, a piece of cake half-way to his lips.

She had a pretty voice.

- -

He had been surprised with himself in that moment; he hadn’t expected those words to pop out of his mouth without his command.

It wasn’t that it was weird for him to express concern over his employees security, and certainly it wasn’t the first time he gave someone advice about considering their safety during their mission. It wasn’t that; He had already thought about discussing the matter of her security with her, he was interested in hearing her thoughts about it as well. What had caught him by surprise though, was the tone in which he spoke those words.

There had been tangible concern in them, an almost anxious worry, an unnoticeable trembling in his voice; She hadn’t noticed it, of course. He hadn’t expected her to, no one would have—well, probably Watari could have noticed but that was besides the point. But that didn’t erase the fact that for the first time in a long while—longer that he could remember—his emotions had reflected into his actions, even though these actions were merely his tone of voice.

Now that was something that he couldn’t simply ignore just as easily as his fingers tingling whenever he dialed her number on his cell phone; he would write down the incident in his imaginary list of things that needed further examination, to dwell on it as soon as the case was finished.

- -

She didn’t seem to be as worried as him though, coolly replying that she could take care of herself, after all, she knew capoeira.

He hadn’t been quite able to conceal the childish excitement in his voice and the curiosity for her abilities; if someone had been hearing him up at that moment they would have probably thought he was speaking with his idol or something. But he really couldn’t help it.

That was the first time he realized he admired her.

- -

It had taken him a few days, to finally make a decision. She hadn’t, not even once, requested to see him in person, to see his face in order to trust him completely unlike many of those people he had worked with before. He hadn’t showed himself to them of course, and had instead found someone else to do the jobs they were supposed to accomplish, after all even though they were suited for them, they weren’t indispensable. She was.

He has never been quite wrong, and he hadn’t been wrong in choosing her either. Without her, BB would have accomplished his goal and would have won their little battle; without her, solving the case so flawlessly wouldn’t have been possible. He had made the right decision, he knew.

And the case had ended, and she started once again to live her normal life, would start working once again for the FBI, wouldn’t talk with him again. There was an inexplicable need though, welling up inside him with each passing day; and at the end, he had made a decision.

He usually didn’t show his face to anyone, no matter of how much help they were for the case. But for her—for his own need—he would make an exception.

- -

They met for the first time on September 1st, on a subway station he knew she would be in; studying her schedule had been a little too easy for him. He knew he would catch her attention; BB dressed in a way in which he would be somewhat similar to him, so it was just natural her curiosity would be picked when she saw him standing there.

His suspicions had been proved right in the instant he noticed she was following him, the instants in which he patiently waited for her to make her move being filled with overwhelming anxiety and other things welling up in the depths of his being.

So when she finally did it, when she finally spoke to him, he couldn’t really help it. He turned around and threw himself at her, having in mind the objective of hugging her; of course, the analytical part of his brain told himself coolly that he was merely trying to test her abilities in capoeira, but the not-so-subtle hint of delight at the prospect of her abilities not being as great as he thought they were thus allowing him to actually hug her that was welling up in some part of his mind didn’t help much that statement.

But as things turned out though, her abilities had lived up to his expectations—something he didn’t quite know pleased or disappointed him—and she had send him flying down the stairs with a supreme and well-aimed kick to his chest.

He remembered that instead of feeling the pain of the fall, he concentrated more on the tingling feeling of her foot against his body; he amusedly wondered for an instant what was wrong with his body and those tingling sensations. But he didn’t have the time to dwell into that subject because in the blink of an eye she was there.

He had observed her before, of course. He had seen her profile, watched her for some time; he couldn’t really say that her beauty had took him by surprise but the absolute truth was that it had. She was even more beautiful to him now that he could see her closely, and he noted with surprise at himself that this was the first time that he dwelled so much in someone’s beauty.

And that was when he held her hand.

And he really, really wondered, as they stood there; their hands joined and their eyes glued to each others; as they were able of staring at each other’s face to face for the first time, just how a human’s body could still function with a heart beating as fast as his was.

- -

When he told the story to Mello, he was careful in leaving off a few details.

The annoying tingling sensations were out from the relate, as well as his musings and noticing of her beauty; the weight in his stomach at reading about her compromise was conveniently absent as well.

But he couldn’t quite help himself as he told him how he didn’t—couldn’t—let go of her hand that day in the subway; and how the alias Ryuuzaki reminded him so much of her.

Mello didn’t need to hear those details, it wouldn’t be a smart move from him if he told them to him either. Mello was smart after all, a good prospect for his successor; he wouldn’t have any troubles figuring out that the great L, the best detective on earth had possibly fallen in love with Misora Naomi during the BB case, and that from the almost imperceptible glint in his eyes as he spoke of her, those feelings hadn’t wavered away in the very least.


What did you guys think? x3

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