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Why and How?

I'm quite curious, and I thought this could be a good way to share our thoughts and opinions about the pairing. I'm also thinking on writtng a manifesto for them, so this will help me tons <3

So, I've got a few questions for you!

1- How did you start shipping them? Did someone else tell you about the idea, or did you think of it yourself?
2- If so, what made you realize the possibilities of the pairing? What made you first think: Hey, this could work!
3- Why do you like/are interested in the pairing? What are your reasons?
4- Do you think they could work? If so, why?
5- What's your favorite D/N pairing?

1- It was back in Episode 5 that I was suddenly hit by the thought: Oi, this woman is way too smart! She would be a great pairing for L! xD. It was quite funny because I was quietly watching the episode with my mind blank, and next to me was my cousin, who was also watching the series for the first time and was looking at me oddly from the corner of her eye. And then suddenly I blinked and blurted out: Hey! She would be perfect with L! - And my cousing laughed and told me she knew I was going to say that sooner or later XD Yes, she ships them as well <3 

2- At first I merely thought that It could have been fun if they had actually met. But then Naomi actually said that she had worked with L and that was a big shock to me. The pairing I thought I liked as crack suddenly didn't seem so crack anymore. Then L remembered her and I was on the clouds. After some research I found out that there was a novel dedicated to them and their case, and that's when I decided that they had to have a fandom. There were just too many possibilities, and L falling for her back when they first worked together was just a little too easy to imagine. They made too much sense; so much that I started to think of them as semi-canon xD

3- My reason is that they match each other prefectly. Naomi is pretty much the kind of woman that L needs by his side; she's smart, understanding, she tursts her gut-feelings and has a good intuition; she's good at defending herself. And basically is just right for him. Now, L is also what Naomi needs. She doesn't need someone who doesn't trust in her abiltities and her managing to defend herself; someone who wants her to give up in the things she really loves. What she needs is someone who respects her and gives her abiltities the right ammount of importance; someone who knows that she loves what she's doing and even though he worries for her, he trusts her. Someone who wouldn't want her to become something else because what he loves is exactly who she is. That person is L. And when I realized that, I didn't need to think of anything else.

4- Yes, I do think they would have worked perfectly. They make a great Team, that's something that's just imposible to deny. And I also believe they would have been able to provide each other with the things they need. Naomi can be sometimes a little-too-normal; L is anything but normal, so he would be able to sometimes break that status quo that surrounds her.

5 - My favorite pairing is LxNaomi xD But I also like a lot LRaito ^^

What about you guys? ^^

Also, thanks to all the ones who have joined! <3 It means a lot.
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