August 10th, 2007

[Goddess] YoonA

AMV Tribute; and a Drabble.

I made an AMV Tribute for them a week or so ago ^^U I almost forgot to post it here.

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I also have some oneshots and a few drabbles as well. So I figured I should start sharing <3 I'll post them here first, instead of in; because I need to see if I have to fix something in the grammar or something of the sort ^^U So if you see a mistake, please point it out to me so I can fix it! 

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What did you guys think? x3

Also, Join, people! <3

what if i had died?

More than Colleagues?

Before I ever got to watch the Death Note anime, my friends already were pointing out that L should be paired with Naomi Misora. I never paid any attention to it until I got hooked up bad in the anime very much. Now that I am a steady DN fanfiction writer, I was planning on doing and L/Naomi fic as well and I would like to dedicate it to this community because I am very pleased and delighted that there is finally a group of fans for this wonderful pairing. I absolutely see them as a possibility since there is a book about them (the BB case) and now an upcoming movie starring Kenichi Matsuyama.

I promise to keep you updated on the fic I will be making. And I also would like to encourage the L/Naomi fans out there to join and share avatars and drawings about them!
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