October 16th, 2007

Video Game Hank

Fic: The Arkham Investigation; Death Note/Lovecraft; NC-17

Title: The Arkham Investigation
Fandom: Death Note/Lovecraft crossover
Pairing: N/A, L and Naomi-centric
Rating: NC-17 for violence, language, disturbing situations and sexual content
Warnings: Violence, gore, disturbing themes
Genre: Action/mystery/horror
Word Count: 9,191
Author's Notes: AU - Naomi Misora left the FBI after the events in 'Another Note' and continued to work for L as his eyes and ears.
Summary: The number of children disappearing in the small coastal town of Arkham was astronomical. Even more disturbing, the town's reluctance to report them. Naomi looked at the investigation as half work, half vacation. She had no idea how deep the depravities of Arkham truly went....

(The Arkham Investigation)