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Short Drabble

Because this has been dead for long enough, and I thought it was about time to give the community a well deserved bump >D So people, please keep posting. LxNaomi deserves all of our support =3

Anyway, this one is kinda short, and it's about the moment where Light told Naomi that he was working about L. Just what was Naomi feeling right there? What was she thinking during those precious seconds Light took to write down her name? Here is my interpretation.

Untitled [For now >D]
- - 

She couldn’t explain the rush of excitement that went through her body as the boy spoke; couldn’t explain the ray of light that was suddenly illuminating the darkness in which her mind had been residing since the death of her fiancée. She couldn’t explain it at all, and she didn’t really want to, either; the only thing she wanted was to see him, to see him now.


She had so many things to tell him, so many clues to add to the Kira case. But aside from that, she really wanted to see him.


She had missed him, in those two years that had passed by. She hadn’t heard a word from him after that incident in the subway, and she couldn’t help but jump in her chair whenever someone mentioned him at work or feel an odd dash of nostalgia filling her body whenever she read something about him. It had been short, the time they had shared; and it had been highly impersonal as well, with his distorted voice through the phones and everything, but it had been an experience that she couldn’t quite push away from her mind.


She had been somewhat ashamed with herself when she realized that she actually thought she would be able to keep in contact with him; but when she tried to, when she dared to dial the 5 in her cell-phone, feeling somewhat guilty and embarrassed for calling him with the mere intention of asking him how he was doing, she had gotten nothing but a recorded machine telling her that the number didn’t exist. She felt ashamed with herself because it had been stupid thinking of her part, but mostly because the thought of not being able to contact him anymore truly made her sad. She had grown used to him and his odd ways during the case, even though it was only with a distorted voice the one with whom she was having contact with.


But now there he was, in Japan. He had to be; the boy had just told her that he was working with him, he had to be there! And for the first time in two years he felt so close, but yet so far… and the experience was nothing short of overwhelming, really.


She felt such hope with the mere thought of merely being able of contacting him. Telling him all her suspicions would without a doubt alleviate her incredibly, after all if there was someone she knew would be able to figure out the things she hadn’t, it would be him.


She really couldn’t wait to see him; she wondered if he already knew she was there, in Japan as well? He had to, after all if he knew that Raye had been… that Raye had…


He had to know. She was sure of it; would he be as happy as she was with the prospect of seeing her? Would he smile at her just like he had that September on the subway?


God, it was really incredible just how badly she wanted to see him. To see the one who would be able to bring justice to Raye, the one she could trust without a single doubt.


She wondered if he would try to hug her again? This time she wouldn’t kick him down the stairs, that was for sure.


So when the boy—Yagami Light, asked her to join the investigation Team, she really didn’t need to think things over twice. Everything she needed—for Raye, for herself—was there. There was just no way she would pass up the chance.


She wanted to see L so badly…


And she only had a confused second to think about it, when the boy smirked. 


And that’s when she realized she had just made the worst mistake of her life…


…it seems she wouldn’t be able to see him, after all.

- -

Hope you guys like it, and that it wasn't that OOC.

As always, comments are <3
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