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Fanfic [Encounter]

First of all, thanks to those who have joined! ♥ We have more than 20 members now, and I hope we'll keep growing!
Please don't hesitate to share your LxNaomi love with us, even if it is just a thought, it'll be more than welcomed!

Now, here is a short piece I wrote some time ago. And which I hope you'll like ♥ 

Title: Encounter.
Naomi, L.
Summary: A year after they solved the case, Naomi had been sitting quietly on a coffe shop, enjoying her lunch break. The last thing she had expected was to see him there. [Fluff]

She choked loudly on her tea, atracting the curious stares of those around her.
But who could have blamed her, after all, if there was someone who she didn’t expect to encounter there out of all places it was him.
The one and only L; the best detective in the world, the one whose identity was one of the most sought after mysteries—well, not to her of course, but that wasn't the point.
She had been so surprised, so taken aback by his sudden entrance in the quiet coffee shop, that she hadn’t even reminded herself of closing her gaping mouth, or to quit staring at him like an idiot—what would the people around them think, for the love of God? That she was in love with him or something?
Unexpectedly she felt her cheeks getting warmer at the thought, and that was all she needed to come back to her senses and to finally close her mouth and recover her composure.
Sometime between though, it seemed he had noticed her presence in the local, because now he was giving her the second surprise of the day, scaring her senseless when a sudden and quiet voice spoke right in her ear.
“My, what a surprise to see you here, Misora-san. I really didn’t expect it”
She didn’t question his words, after all how in the world could he have expected it? She surely didn’t!. Pushing her surprise aside and forcing herself to come out from the shock his scary approach had given her, she turned towards him.
“Ryuuzaki, you scared me! You shouldn’t approach people so suddenly!” She reprimanded him, though there wasn’t any kind of annoy in her voice. In fact, she noted, she sounded quite happy. Was she that happy to see him? Now that was something surprising.
“Did I? I’m sorry, Misora-san. I thought that with your reflexes and everything you would notice me approaching. My mistake” Naomi merely started at him, while he took at seat at the stool at her side, his right feet carelessly scratching his left one, his shoulders slouched.
Now that she thought about it, there really was no reason of why he wouldn’t go out like a normal person. No one knew who he truly was, and she highly doubted someone would believe he was L anyway; he wasn’t quite what she had imagined he would look like, anyway. He was much too young, way too normal even though he was odd. No one would even dare to think he was the most respected detective in the whole world, that’s for sure.
In her musings, she hadn’t realized she had been staring straight at him, unblinking; “Is something the matter, Misora-san? I didn’t know my face was that interesting”
Flushing embarrassedly, she hurriedly turned around finally breaking off the daze she had seemingly fallen in, her hands instantly reaching to grab her cup of tea, raising it to her lips in order to hide her blush—What was wrong with her and blushing, anyway? She was usually far more collected than this.
It’s the surprise—she told herself softly but firmly in her mind, while she sipped her tea—you just didn’t expect to see him, that’s all.
“I’m sorry” She said, her words coming out mumbled thanks to the cup of tea still being firmly pressed against her lips.
“No need to apologize” He said, at her side, and for an instant she thought she could catch the barest hints of amusement in his voice and expression. “I’ve to admit that I was quite surprised to see you here as well; I don’t usually encounter old… acquaintances when I go out” He seemed thoughtful for a moment, biting his thumb softly “Well, I suppose that’s because I don’t really go out usually. Most of the time someone gets the things I wish for me”
It was a good thing that in her surprise she had still managed to use his alias, she realized; he was being vague in his descriptions, and it was obvious he didn’t want someone accidentally hearing upon them and figuring out that they were part of the police force.
She nodded towards him, finally feeling secure enough to place down her cup on the counter; she was about to speak when he beat her to it.
“But it was a pleasant one, nonetheless”
Blinking with surprise, not being quite able to understand what he was talking abut. “Excuse me, but what was?” She asked, bewildered.
He seemed amused when he turned towards her, the corners of his lips lifting up in the barest traces of an oddly-childish and innocent smile that made her heart flutter inside her chest, “Meeting you, of course. It was a pleasant surprise”
Too taken aback by his words—and by the unexpected reaction of her heart—Naomi could only nod wordlessly towards him, and to her increasing confusion and somewhat starting exasperation she could feel her cheeks getting warmer again.
Oh God, get a hold of yourself Naomi! What’s with you and blushing today?!
“Yes it was… a pleasant surprise to see you here as well, Ryuuzaki. A most unexpected one, nonetheless” She finally said, much lower than she really intended to, her eyes focused on the table and refusing to go up and meet his.
“You really think so? I’m glad, Misora-san. For a moment I thought you were displeased to see me” His words didn’t carry any kind of accusation though, and she wondered just how he could have such self-control. She herself always thought she was a highly controlled woman, but sometimes her self-control failed her completely—this whole situation was the perfect example.
She turned towards him quickly, her expression troubled; an apologize already in the tip of her tongue, but what she saw left her without words—yet again. There was Ryuuzaki, happily eating an strawberry cake that she hadn’t even realized he had ordered, one of his legs somehow managing to rise up to his chest even though the stool was extremely thin; and for an instant, she wondered just how this boy in front of her could be so blissfully happy with such a simple action as eating a piece of cake when he had seen so many scarring things, when he had resolved so many dark cases. It amazed, awed her to no end to see him looking so… human.
She guessed that deep down, some part of her had also always thought of him as a robot of some sort that only lived to solve cases or something, like everyone else seemed to do.
She couldn’t help but chuckle at the thought.
“Hm? What is so funny, Misora-san? Did you see something interesting? A clown perhaps?”
He seemed genuinely curious in just what exactly was causing her such mirth, which did nothing but increase her fit of chuckles. She was just about to explain herself to him when she raised her face, and looked at him.
Her hand instantly reached for a nearby tissue, taking both her and L by surprise when she reached up to his mouth, softly and carefully cleaning the corner of his lips; his warmth radiated to her through the thin tissue, and she felt herself getting slightly dizzy.
“You had some bits of cake in your lips” she said a little too softly, her hand slowly leaving his face. He merely looked at her, his panda eyes enlarged with surprise and glued to her own. She was starting to feel embarrassed by her actions though, and couldn’t quite manage to look him in the eye. “I wasn’t displeased to see you, really. In fact I think I was… happy, really happy, and it was exactly that which took me aback, that’s all”
He didn’t say anything for a few seconds, and she could feel his eyes still glued to her face, but she struggled to ignore it, pretending to be focusing on her cold tea instead. Finally, he cleared his throat, his face moving away from her towards his forgotten strawberry cake. “I see. Was about that you were laughing about?”
She blinked for an instant, slowly starting to understand his words. Did he think she was making fun of him? “Of course not!” She sounded way too mortified, she realized and she feel the all too familiar embarrassment starting to well up inside her yet again; “I was just… remembering about something, that’s all”
“Good. I really don’t appreciate being laughed at”
She didn’t quite know what to say at that. And she was merely fumbling through her mind trying to find something fitting when he spoke again.
“But I wouldn’t have blamed you if you were laughing at me, I bet I must have looked pretty funny with that cake. Thank you for cleaning it up, Misora-san” Once again there was the barest hint of that smile in the corner of his lips, and Naomi found herself talking even before she could think of her words.
Naomi” She said, firmly, and he gave her a questioning stare, “Just Naomi, please. You don’t need to be so formal with me, Ryuuzaki”
He looked at her with that unreadable deep gaze of his for a long moment, and she wondered just what he was seeing; was he analyzing her? Was he realizing just how fast her heart was beating? Just how nervous she was feeling?. But the moment ended, and he turned away, once again resuming his attention to his almost finished cake; “Very well, Naomi-san it is, then”
She nodded with appreciation, feeling satisfied with herself, and absentmindedly reached up and brought the tea to her lips, sipping it and practically choking with the awfully cold and unpleasant taste that meet her lips.
In her predicament, she didn’t realize L staring at her amusedly from the corner of his eye.
“Your tea got cold, I assume?”
“A little too much, actually” There was a grimace in her face, while she tried to get ride of the awful taste while brushing her tongue against the inner walls of her mouth.
“You should pour down some sugar on it” He said simply, without looking at her “Sugar makes everything taste better; and it also adds to your concentration as well”
She was just about to say that she didn’t really think it was such a good idea; after all, she had already experienced almost being poisoned by an over-sugared tea before, but the loud beep of a car outside startled her. She turned around with curiosity, only to find a beautiful and elegant black car parked right out-side the coffee shop. It must have cost a fortune; she thought amazed.
L’s movements took her attention away from the beautiful car, though. The boy was getting up from his stool, coolly tossing the last piece of his cake on his mouth and placing some money down on the counter.
She blinked with surprise, “You’re leaving already?”
“Yes, it seems like it. I cannot allow myself to spend so much time outside; I still have many things to do back in my house, Naomi-san” He explained simply, giving her a polite smile, and Naomi nodded feeling somewhat stupid for not realizing it sooner. Of course he had things to do, he wasn’t the most important detective in the world for nothing; it was a miracle the boy had found the enough free time to come here.
“I see” She wondered if she had sounded as sad as she thought she had, but decided to not dwell on it, “Will I see you again, Ryuuzaki?” Naomi thought it was a petite question to make, and way too dramatic for her tastes, but she couldn’t really help it.
He had stared at her for a brief instant, before smiling politely, “Who knows, Naomi-san. But I look forward to it”
Once again her heart gave a jump in her chest, and she admonished herself for it; but still managed to answer him with a calm voice, returning his smile with a polite one of her own “Aa, Me too, Ryuuzaki-san”
He nodded at her, and then turned around, walking with his hands in his pockets and his shoulders slouched towards the entrance of the quiet local.
It wasn’t until he reached the door that she got up from her stool, and not really giving a damn about the attention it would bring onto them she spoke; “Wait! Ryuuzaki!”
The boy halted slightly at the door, and she seized her opportunity and went on. “Why did you come here? I come here everyday, but I hadn’t seen you until now”
As she expected, she could feel the stares being focused on them, but she really couldn’t bring herself to pay any kind of attention to someone else but the detective who was currently still standing by the door, one hand on the knob and the other still on his pocket.
It seemed like forever until he finally answered, “I already knew you came here everyday, Naomi-san” And then, he turned his face back over his shoulder briefly, giving her a mysterious smile; “Besides, I had also heard that the strawberry cake in here was extremely good”
And with that, he pushed the door open and left, to Naomi’s never ending surprise getting onto the black car she had been admiring just seconds before.
She didn’t quite know just how long she stood there, staring dumbfounded directly to the place L had been standing moments ago, his words still resounding in her head and slowly starting to make sense; by the time she sat down on her stool once again though, everyone’s attention was once again in their own things, and the meaning of L’s words were perfectly clear.
He hadn’t been surprised of seeing her at all; he already knew he would encounter her there. He had pretended to be surprised all along to see her reactions, of course! He had been playing with her during that whole time, the little prick.
But even though she knew she had just been fooled, she was smiling brightly.
Her stare once again rested on her forgotten cold-tea, and she mused on his words for an instant, before reaching out for the sugar and pouring down a considerable quantity in it. She choked—yet again, and this time couldn’t help but spit the contents in the cup, her throat aching at the awful taste.
Good Lord, this boy would be the death of her, she was sure of it.
It was just good luck Raye hadn’t been there to witness it all.

- -

See? I told you it was fuflly x3 Hope to hear your thoughts about it!
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