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The LJ-cut is your friend. If you’re posting big images, or a large amount of text, please use a LJ-cut to hide them.

[x] Every single post you make here has to be related to L, Naomi or LxNaomi. If you made a batch of L icons and want us to take a look at them, you’re welcomed to post. But if you made a batch of NaomiRaye icons, this isn't the place to post them.
[x] Analyzes and opinions are more than welcome and encouraged. If you suddenly woke up with the thought of how well it would have worked if L and Naomi had gone out to drink tea during the series, you’re welcomed to make a post telling us about it.

[x] Discussions about the possibilities and potential of the pairing is highly encouraged as well. So if you want to make a post saying: “I think their friendship/romance could have worked pretty well” please state the reasons of why you have that opinion, so we can share ours as well.

[x] Arts, Icons, Essays, Graphics and fanfictions are welcomed. As long as they have something to do with Naomi, L or the pairing. If the pairing is other than L/Naomi though, there’s no point in posting it here.

[x] Be nice to the other members. Bashing won’t be allowed here.

[x] If you’re going to hotlink an image, please give credit to the original source.

[x] Spoiler-warming isn’t truly necessary, but it’d be nice if you give a proper warning anyway.
[x] Please tag your entries. It makes things a lot easier.

[x] Enjoy the Comm! ^^

Is there another helpful Rule I forgot to add? Please point it out! This is my first community and I'm not too familiar with this stuff x3
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