The Eminent Sage and Junkie (theladyfeylene) wrote in lxnaomi,
The Eminent Sage and Junkie

Fic: The Temptation of L, LxNaomi, NC-17

Title: The Temptation Of L
Author: theladyfeylene
Pairing: L/Naomi
Rating: NC-17
Written For: redbrunja, who got me into this pairing in the first place.
Prompt: Intense smut in an alley behind a church. ;)
Word Count: 2846
Warnings: Um. Religious overtones? Religious discussion? Smut?
Author's Note: Takes place in an AU where Naomi quit the FBI and went to work with L after the BB case.
Summary: Which weighed more heavily on the mind, and occupied it to the point of obsession? The temptation, or the surrender to it?

(The Temptation of L)

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