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The Eminent Sage and Junkie

Fic: Creatures Void of Form; PG-13, L/Naomi

Written for dn_contest's 8th week! I should be cleaning, but I'm waiting for the AC to cool the house down, else I will pass out from heat.

Title: Creatures Void of Form
Fandom: Death Note
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Naomi, L, Watari, vague allusions to L/Naomi.
Warnings: Some disturbing imagery.
Word Count: 2016
Author's Note: This is a small expert from an AU series I have going, in which Naomi quit the FBI and went to work directly with L following the events of Another Note. I don't write them in any order, so they aren't at all necessary to read for this fic. :D
Prompt: Birthday
Summary: Maybe Naomi was becoming more like L than she thought, if she was so absorbed in their current case that she forgot her own birthday.... But someone remembered.

(Creatures Void of Form)

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