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Codice {A Pan-Fandom RPG}


codice_a_barre is a Pan-Fandom RPG. We are looking for
characters from every single fandom you can think of, and then some.

The RP is currently CLOSED. Applications and Reserves are currently OPEN!


Every morning is the same; you wake up, clean yourself up, eat, and then run off to do whatever
is occupying your schedule this morning. Each day is never dull and always bright in Codice City,
new and pristine and full of hope and promises for a bright future. Codice. A city no one suffers
and everyone is content. Codice. Where new doors of opportunity open, and life is always bright and
yours to make. Codice. Where all species can live in perfect harmony, where--

Wait a second... Perfect harmony?

Don't you remember last week, when everyone's QUANTUViS received a text message at the same time,
not a second between? And do you remember message the saying something about a System Failure, and
that five seconds later after receiving the message one of the buildings in Alioquin blew up? And--

No, no, no... Back up. That was all a publicity stunt, promoting the city to others interested in moving!

How silly of you to think something so horrible would truly happen in this city, when we've been so nice
to you... Treating you as human beings instead of what you truly are, lab rats, and giving you new memories
so you can feel right at home.

You should never doubt us because, after all, it would be rather unfortunate if you should begin to wonder
why everyone seems to have code-bar tattoos, if you began to wonder why the city is divided in three different
sections, or if you noticed the fact that you've never seen your leader's face. Heck, even if you asked
yourself where did you get your QUANTUViS from. Or, even worse...

If you remembered.

...Welcome to Codice City, where life begins once again.


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