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4 Edited Manga Pages

There were originally posted over at my journal, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post them here as well xP Here are 4 pages from the Death Note Manga which I edited in order to show some healthy L/Naomi interaction <3 It came out way better than I thought it would ^^



The conversation is kinda lame, but I'm content with it. It's pretty much based on; what would happen if after the BB Case Naomi had stayed with him in order to help him solves cases and that sort of thing? The timeline of the 4 paged edition I made is when L shows his face and converses with Yagami, Matsuda and the other's for the first time... In Volumen 2 of the Manga; so in here, after having that talk with them he actually goes somewhere; the hotel where Naomi is staying. And so they talk about it and how L never likes to show himself and blah blah blah. I tried to make it seem like it could actually be happening in the manga, so I actually ended up exactly well almost exactly the same as how that scene with Naomi ends; with her laughing.

Disclaimer: Every drawing is property of Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata; The pages are of the Volumen 2, chapter 8 of the Manga Death Note. Though some L scans are from other chapters x3 I was merely trying to have some harmless fun with a pairing I adore =3
If there's a grammatical mistake please point it out to me so I can fix it. English is not my native language and I still have some problems with a few things.

Any thoughts? <3
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