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Fic: Gray Skies and A Slow Train Coming; Naomi/L; PG-13

So, I can't express how thrilled I am to find this community. My LJ itself is evidence to how much of a Naomi/L fan I am, and to find that other people are writing it and interested in it... yes.

So I shall be sharing my fic! I hope you enjoy!

Title: Gray Skies and A Slow Train Coming
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Naomi/L
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Massive, massive spoilers for episodes 7 - 25 of the anime
Word Count: 2,018
Summary: Naomi had been alone for too long, with nothing but regrets and memories and the surety that her second chances were all long gone...

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Short Drabble

Because this has been dead for long enough, and I thought it was about time to give the community a well deserved bump >D So people, please keep posting. LxNaomi deserves all of our support =3

Anyway, this one is kinda short, and it's about the moment where Light told Naomi that he was working about L. Just what was Naomi feeling right there? What was she thinking during those precious seconds Light took to write down her name? Here is my interpretation.

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Hope you guys like it, and that it wasn't that OOC.

As always, comments are <3
[Goddess] YoonA

Fic: Always The Woman

After  pointed out this quote in one of our previous posts, I felt the need to write something with it. So here it is, an LxNaomi from Wammy's POV based on the following:

"Naomi Misora is like Irene Adler to Sherlock Holmes.
To Sherlock Holmes, she is always the woman"

Hope you guys will enjoy it ^^ And I also hope you'll start sharing your thoughts about the pairing as well ^^

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[Goddess] YoonA

Love Bars!

Because I figured that if we like the pairing, we should have something that shows our support, right? ^^ So I made three Love-bars; the three use the same pictures, but the text and font are different.

[x] LxNaomi is Meant to be Love.
[x] LxNaomi is Could have Been Love.
[x] LxNaomi is Could Have been Love [But with the Death Note-Ryuk font!]

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what if i had died?

LXNaomi Fic as promised

This is actually part of my DesuNotoXJigokuShoujo fanfiction work, "Vengeance Paid." I hope some of you are familiar with the Hell Girl anime. I was into LXNaomi at that time so I dedicated a specific chapter for them in that story. It's when L died already and he lives with Enma Ai in the Lull world. I hope you guys would be patient in reading the whole thing since it is quite long but not to worry, it is filled with Naomi moments. Take note that I wasn't aware of the BBcase just yet so it wasn't mentioned here.

Here is my favorite picture of Naomi Misora! 
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Why and How?

I'm quite curious, and I thought this could be a good way to share our thoughts and opinions about the pairing. I'm also thinking on writtng a manifesto for them, so this will help me tons <3

So, I've got a few questions for you!

1- How did you start shipping them? Did someone else tell you about the idea, or did you think of it yourself?
2- If so, what made you realize the possibilities of the pairing? What made you first think: Hey, this could work!
3- Why do you like/are interested in the pairing? What are your reasons?
4- Do you think they could work? If so, why?
5- What's your favorite D/N pairing?

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Also, thanks to all the ones who have joined! <3 It means a lot.
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what if i had died?

More than Colleagues?

Before I ever got to watch the Death Note anime, my friends already were pointing out that L should be paired with Naomi Misora. I never paid any attention to it until I got hooked up bad in the anime very much. Now that I am a steady DN fanfiction writer, I was planning on doing and L/Naomi fic as well and I would like to dedicate it to this community because I am very pleased and delighted that there is finally a group of fans for this wonderful pairing. I absolutely see them as a possibility since there is a book about them (the BB case) and now an upcoming movie starring Kenichi Matsuyama.

I promise to keep you updated on the fic I will be making. And I also would like to encourage the L/Naomi fans out there to join and share avatars and drawings about them!
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AMV Tribute; and a Drabble.

I made an AMV Tribute for them a week or so ago ^^U I almost forgot to post it here.

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I also have some oneshots and a few drabbles as well. So I figured I should start sharing <3 I'll post them here first, instead of in; because I need to see if I have to fix something in the grammar or something of the sort ^^U So if you see a mistake, please point it out to me so I can fix it! 

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What did you guys think? x3

Also, Join, people! <3


Drabble and art :D

LxNaomi is my favorite DN pairing and as such, I've done a few quick fandom things about them.
Note that these are quite old--a few months, at least.

A drabble:
A Naomi art with hinted LxNaomi or BxNaomi:

And if memory serves, I have one more drabble I've never uploaded--I'll dig through and see if I can find it/see if it's any good if anyone's interested.