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Our Destinies Are Entwined ~

...what about our hearts?

L&Naomi Community
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This community is dedicated to the relationship between L Lawliet and Naomi Misora from the anime and manga series Death Note.
The relationship we cherish in this community can be of very different natures, and we cover every one of them. Friendship, respect, platonic love, romantic relationship; every single one of this aspects is welcomed here.
We never quite see them interact in the Manga or the Anime; but that didn’t stop us from realizing the great potential between them. And we’re here to explore that potential.
This potential is also blatantly obvious in the Death Note Novel, Another Note; which focuses on how Naomi and L worked together to solve the BB Case.


[x] LJ-cut is your friend. If you’re posting big images, or a large amount of text, please use a LJ-cut to hide them.
[x] Every single post you make here has to be related to L, Naomi or LxNaomi. If you made a batch of L icons and want us to take a look at them, you’re welcomed to post.
[x] Analysis and opinions are more than welcomed and encouraged. If you suddenly woke up with the thought of how well it would have worked if L and Naomi had gone out to drink tea during the series, you’re welcomed to make a post telling us about it.
[x] Discussions about the possibilities and potential of the pairing is highly encouraged as well. So if you want to make a post saying: “I think their friendship/romance could have worked pretty well” please state the reasons of why you have that opinion, so we can share ours as well.
[x] Arts, Icons, Essays, Graphics and fanfictions are welcomed. As long as they have something to do with Naomi, L or the pairing. If the pairing is other than L/Naomi though, there’s no point in posting it here.
[x] Be nice to the other members. Bashing won’t be allowed here.
[x] If you’re going to hotlink an image, please give credit to the original source.
[x] Spoiler-warming isn’t truly necessary, but it’d be nice if you give a proper warning anyway.
[x] Please tag your entries. It makes things a lot easier.
[x] Enjoy the Comm! ^^
This community will probably be full of spoilers; so if you haven’t seen past Episode 7 of the Anime, or Chapter 14 of the Manga and don’t wish to be spoiled, I highly recommend you to be alert of the content of member’s entries, because they’re bound to have spoilers.

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